Private Blood Test Kits by post with laboratory analysis.
Order Private blood tests online from the UK’s friendliest medics. Don’t get private blood tests from anyone else until you have spoken to us for fantastic value!

Private Laboratory results in three smart steps.

Once you have ordered your private blood tests online, we send out your pathology pack by first class post. You then just need to have your blood drawn by a Phlebotomist, Nurse or Doctor and send off your sample in the supplied bio-envelope to the Doctors Laboratory in central London. Results are often available the same day as sample receipt!

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Our Pricing Policy works to YOUR advantage, you pay a single medical fee of just £29.95 per order, then order as many tests as you want at low low prices. This way you pay the medical fee only once per order, and not for every test! All you have to do is find a phlebotomist, Nurse or Doctor to take your blood  to take your blood.

If you think you may be unable to find someone to take your blood then we have arrangements with labs all over the UK, but you will need to order your tests from the other sites associated with their lab menu. Please note that the labs have differences in private blood test availability, turnaround time and costs.

 Your circumstances  The best website to use
 You live near a Spire Healthcare Hospital
 You live near a Nuffield Health Hospital
 You live in or near London
 You can prick your own finger at home

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Our pathology is provided by The Doctors Laboratory (TDL) in London. The quality of results is of fundamental importance and both Blue Horizon and TDL operate to stringent technical and administrative standards. Internal quality assurance is achieved by strict adherence to standard operating procedures for all analytical processes. The laboratory participates in all recognised National External Quality Assessment Schemes, which are subscribed to by all NHS and private laboratories and results are subjected to strict internal and external quality control.

Should any of your results be outside of the expected ranges an experienced Doctor from our medical panel will provide analysis.